The Book of Secrets

Cover reveal coming soon

Ismaril lives in the peaceful village of Eldholt. In the recent past, he was a soldier in the Kingdom of Norfold army, fighting against the notorious Wolfmen. Something happened in the war—something Ismaril is ashamed of and won’t tell anybody about. It’s his dark secret.

In the war’s aftermath, all he wants is to live in peace with his beloved family, but this is not his destiny. A tragic event forces him to go on the road. His mind is full of anger and revengeful plans against those who make his world a challenging and confusing place to live in.

Having started his journey, which is supposed to be short, more events prevent him from achieving his goal of the life in peace he so much wishes for. This makes him reconsider the purpose of his life. His choices take him on a new, much longer journey, where he has to encounter the many dangers in the world of Taëlia. He determines to face and fight a greater evil lurking in the shadows—much greater than the Wolfmen.

Ismaril begins a tumultuous physical journey, but how physical is it, really?

Excerpt, Chapter 1 (coming shortly)

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4 thoughts on “The Book of Secrets

  1. dagdog711

    HI Wes,

    You have always been an inspiration to me. Congratulations on starting your new fiction career! I have tried my hand at fiction, but I have schizophrenia, so it’s always been difficult for me to focus. I grew up Catholic, but I’m very open minded, and my voices and visions have always led me to interesting places in my research. I’ve been reading your work since 2017. Your papers helped me resist some of the negative messages I was receiving from the AIF. I have a new blog if you’d like to read it. It’s very short. Less than 1 page per entry, and there are only a little over a dozen right now. It’s my own little Universe. I pretend I’m a dog from Heaven and just kinda create.

    Much love,


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