I am a writer, born in Sweden, but I have lived in the United States since the year 2000. Writing is the greatest passion in my life.

My parents had an old typewriter when I grew up, so when I was nine years old, I started using it and wrote novels on it. I could sit for hours and
hours, typing on the machine.

In my adolescence, my passion changed for many years, and I started
composing and playing my own music. However, in the late 1990’s, I returned to my core passion, which is writing.

At the time this ABOUT ME page is published, I am working on a Fantasy
trilogy with the work title, “Ildur’s Journey.” I am currently
writing on the first book in the series, titled, “The Book of

I have always been interested in Fantasy and Science Fiction, but “The
Book of Secrets” is the first fiction novel I have ever written with the
goal to publish it.

Previously, I have published two non-fiction e-books and a long series of
research papers in Metaphysics. They are all online, free for anyone to
download. I will link this previous work below.

The “Ildur’s Journey” trilogy will be published on Amazon when it
is finished.

My previous work:

The Wes Penre Papers

Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era

Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Mankind