Update on Book Progress Aug. 20, 2021

I haven’t posted an update on the book progress in a very long time. I have been very busy with working on the book and with other projects, as well. However, now I think I have a fairly good idea about when the first book in the trilogy, “Ismaril’s Journey” will be published on Amazon.com. The first book has a final title, which is the same as the draft title, The Book of Secrets.

The editing process takes much longer than to write the actual first draft, something I had to experience to really understand; this being my first novel ever. I must have gone through the draft from cover to cover about eight times by now.

The estimated release will be around September-October 2021. I will post a more exact date as we close in on October. If anything changes, I will also let you know.

Then, it’s time to start writing Book 2, and I have a pretty good grasp of how that is going to turn out. As you realize, these three books build on each other.

Although the final draft is not finished yet, it looks like the book will be about 330 pages long. I guesstimate that the following two book will be of similar length.

Book 2 has the work title, Journeys Between Two Worlds, and Book 3 has the work title, The Battle of Taëlia.

Thank you for your patience!


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